Artist & Designer

Director Of Arteles


Currently based in Helsinki and Haukijärvi, Finland


General Words of Interest
In alfabetical order and linked to wikipedia.

Absolute, Artificial intelligence, Awareness, Axioms, Black humour, Chaos, Cyborgs, Development, Enlightment, Escapism, Eternity, Existentialism, 4th+ Dimension, Future, Futurism, Freedom, Freethought, GeometryHypnosis, Infinity, Koans, LogicMeditation, Metaphysics, Mind, Music, Ontology, Philosophy, Psychology, Propaganda, Reality, Science Fiction, Singularity, Silence, Solitude, Sound, Subconscious, Synthesizers, Systems Philosophy, Systems Thinking, Technological development, Theoretical structures, Theory of Everything, Transhumanism, Universe, Wave theory..