Artist & Designer
Director Of Arteles


Currently based in Tampere and Haukijärvi, Finland

CV on request


Subjects / Fields of Interest
(In alphabetical order)

Awareness, Being, The Bigger Picture, Buddhist philosophies, Change, Consciousness, Cosmos, Death, Enlightment, Escapism, Existence, Freedom, Future, Growth, Integral thinking, Interconnectivity, Intuition, Meditation, Metaphysics, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Quantum Physics, Sound, Singularity, Spirituality, Synthesizers, Theology, Theory of Everything, Transcendence, Understanding, Universe, Wisdom.
Also Interested in

A.I., Axioms, Blue colour, Dimensions, Downshifting, Dystopias, Funk, Geometry, Hiking, Humour, Mathematics, Minimalism, Nature, Propaganda, Retro futuristic Architecture/Design, Rocks, Science Fiction, Sauna, Silence, Solitude, Thunder, Transhumanism, Tundra, Utopias.

- Drawing & Sketchbook
- Sound & Synthesizers
- Arteles / Arteles Creative Center
- Research & Meditation
- Projects
- Design & Graphics