Period, 2012
ball point pen and white acryl on wood 60 x 60 cm
The, 2007
ball point pen on wood
122 x 122 cm
Empty After End, 2006
ball point pen on wood
244 x 244 cm
Undefined Forms, 2009
ball point pen on paper, 20 x 20cm
a series of drawings
pi = 1
pi = 1 , 2008
graphite on wood
122 x 122 cm
Acceptance, 2007
ball point pen & acryl on cardboard 70 x 102 cm
Untitled, 2007
ball point pen & acryl on cardboard
70 x 102 cm
Distance, 2007
ball point pen on cardboard
102 x 80 cm
Dark Room in Light, 2006
ball point pen on wood
180 x 100cm
Concepts & Projects
Role: Director & Co-founder
On going project
Organization developing creativity, art and culture.

Arteles Creative Center
One of the largest and most international creative residency centers in Scandinavia.
OB-A 21
Interactive machine incl. video screen, speakers, controller... 2013-14 [Hardware programming by High-Byte Ltd]
OB-A 21 Neuro Modulator -
Machine designed for psychological manipulation of the user's mind and cognition.
OB-A 21 can hold up to 8 modulations (videos incl. audio), which can be activated with a remote controller.
The modulations can also be changed/updated via USB.
In art environments OB-A 21 can be used as a 'head gallery' for showing curated (psychology & mind related) audiovisual works by invited artists.
4-RT Art Analyzer
Interactive machine, forms & accessory materials, 2012
Concept by:
Teemu Räsänen & Pekka Ruuska
Visuals & production: Teemu
PR relations: Pekka

By scanning your signature, 4-RT Analyzer determines which art movements are most suitable for you.
Arctic Solitudes
Walking, being, photographs (35 mm) 2005-2012
Walking into Arctic zone wilderness, setting up a tent, being there alone for days.
Wooden clamp, oil paint tube
Thought in Process
Digital print, 2009
Presentation of how to observe, process and combine thoughts and ideas as one entity.
[Art] Experience
[Art] Experience, 2009
print, A1, edition of 25
The entity and the experience taking place within can be deconstructed into basic equation, in which the attributes are always defined through relativity to the the other attributes.
Context Created Art
Training Program, 2009
A4 print, tape, pen
Creating art out of any object by using the attributes of the context.
Digital photograph, 2008
50 x 38 cm
Simplifying and removing details from photographs until they reach the borderlines of real and unreal.

The simplification process ends up revealing the essential subject of the image.
Price to Buy
Expired Day, 2008
crayon, ball point pen and acrylic on cardboard, 69 x 96 cm
The project dealt with the dominating nature of consumer culture in its primary level and reveals the emptiness behind its apparent content through an examination of the basic elements of everyday consumerism and advertisements.